Marble: nobility in nature

Carrara, Verona, Thassos, Comblanchien… All destinations featuring diverse and varied environments, and all marble quarries exploited since Antiquity to fashion mankind’s dreams of grandeur. Marble masonry, a centuries-old art form, is a captivating vocation passed down through the generations, along with its empirical codes and techniques. At GMT, our philosophy is to exalt this incredible gift of nature with humility and passion.

From the quarry to the home

Using marble calls on a long and little-known process. Extracted from mountains in the form of imposing blocks, marble undergoes multiple transformations. It is first sawed into sections of varying thickness, and then cut into designated shapes according to the architect’s specifications. Finally, meticulous finishing work gives the marble its final form and appearance. Once all steps are completed in the workshop, GMT’s expert marble layers are responsible for bringing the creations to life to fully meet clients’ expectations, following the standards of traditional craftsmanship.

Modern uses for an ancestral stone

A mineral material created over several million years by a prolonged natural process, marble is impervious to time. Despite its classic image, today this stone is capable of modern innovation. When installed over cellular fabric in a honeycomb structure, over glass or as a veneer, marble overcomes its traditional limits. With new methods to incorporate electrical outlets, switches and other home automation features, marble has been reinvented. With suspended ceilings or wave or zebra effects throughout an entire room, GMT beautifies contemporary interiors.

At GMT, marble masonry becomes a veritable experience

Every project is unique and reflects a particular brand or personality. That’s why GMT offers clients individual guidance in its world of marble masonry throughout the process. Following a discussion and an advisory phase, a dedicated team applies its full expertise to select the most suitable materials for the project to achieve the interior you have always dreamed of. Finally, GMT marble masonry offers clients a new experience by adapting to modern-day constraints in terms of deadlines, the environment and technological developments.

Portrait of a creative and pragmatic duo

Florian and Thomas are new to GMT, but they are mindful of changing expectations, enamored with the beauty of this antique yet contemporary material, eager to contribute to the future development of their ancestral and empirical vocation. Their mission is to offer clients a single point of contact to ensure efficiency for projects combining stonecraft and marble masonry.

Florian learned the trade from a stonecutter who had initially come to work for his parents. Following a summer cutting stone with his mentor, he trained in stereotomy, the ancient art of hewing and assembling stone. He began his career restoring historic monuments before leaving to work in the Middle East, a special and captivating destination for marble lovers. Today, he applies his extensive technical knowledge and his disciplined work ethic to architectural and decorative projects in Paris.

The men of Thomas Engrand’s family have been marble craftsmen for four generations. This is not a trade that can be learned; it must be lived. Thomas, whose ancestors sculpted funerary monuments in the north of France, trained with his father before setting off on his own. He started by managing the marble inventory of a French company, in the process greatly enhancing his knowledge of the different materials, and then moved into the luxury sector, working with Cartier, Vuitton and Hermès.

With Thomas selecting materials and Florian in charge executing projects, together they form a dynamic and perfectly complementary duo.

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