The GMT experience

With GMT, every project becomes a shared adventure, a human experience, a story composed by skilled craftsmen dedicated to their clients. At GMT, teamwork brings every project to life, every day. At GMT, technology complements the mason’s expert hand, freeing the craftsman from secondary concerns so he can devote his full attention to the quality of the final product. Nothing can replace the final flourish of the craftsman, applying his consummate expertise.

Cleansing and clearing

At GMT, cleansing, methodical demolition of superfluous additions, is a selective and environmentally-friendly procedure. To minimize unpleasant noise and smells, debris is collected using a waste material management process. With the help of high-performance technical equipment (truck cranes, hoists, etc.), GMT organizes systematic and permanent cleanup of its project sites to ensure the least possible inconvenience for neighbors. This is the first step in a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Structural demolition

A specialist in structural works, GMT adapts select cutting-edge construction technologies to suit each project. This is the case for structural demolition by shearing, sawing and diamond drilling: three cutting-edge techniques that avoid vibrations that might weaken the section of the building to be demolished.

For wet cutting, GMT designed an expert waste water recovery system to prevent flooding the floors below the work area. Demolition is the first step in the construction process: eliminating the old to create or embellish the new.

Structural rehabilitation

Through its integrated design office, GMT adapts and creates new structural work methodologies for each project. Technical sophistication and absolute precision come together to guarantee customized work including underpinning, design of staircases with traditional concrete casing, vertical shear walls and slabs. Meticulous structural work subject to the exacting creativity of renowned architects.

GMT craftsmen

At GMT, the qualified and experienced hands of craftsmen are a guarantee of high-quality work, on time. GMT also carries out projects in shops and for interior decorators, and has earned a reputation for exacting standards and rapid execution. Designed to last, GMT creations can be seen almost anywhere, from hanging gardens on Paris rooftops to faux-bois concrete wall paneling, not to mention arched ceilings and even the creation of swimming pools by means of underpinning. Our masonry structures are hand fashioned with custom molding. Our craftsman are attentive to clients’ wishes and intent on making their dreams come true.

Partition bricks

Rendered partition bricks were invented by Parisian masons in the 16th century. An ancestral savoir-faire that can still be seen in Parisian apartments and town houses, this disappearing technique comes back to life in the hands of GMT craftsmen. They apply the plaster with the utmost precision, ensuring that the wall is straight, level and symmetrical. Finally, they add elaborate architectural and decorative ornamentation. A timeless symbol of high standards.

Ornamental tiling

Some equate masonry with heavy equipment and dust. For GMT, masonry is a decorative art form. The same goes for tiling, a highly complex field of expertise requiring close attention to detail and closely related to stonecraft when it comes to the technical and artistic choice of materials and harmonizing of colors. With GMT, architecture becomes an art of exacting decoration.

From technique to decoration

Qualified and easy to work with, GMT masons boast up to 40 years of experience: a guarantee of expertise and conscientiousness for four generations. GMT is both a family company and a sound, dependable business boasting a fleet of trucks and the latest tools. GMT puts technical expertise at the service of clients and the art of decoration. The company has developed a flair for using raw materials such as plaster and concrete for decoration and intricate embellishments. A finish that inspires passion.

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