G for Gazzola

Craftsmen for generations, from the Gulf of Genoa to Paris, GMT traces its roots back to Italian building traditions. Stonecraft is a generous trade, passed down from father to son with consummate passion. In the Gazzola family, stonecraft is a question of genes, an uncompromising art that combines geometry and geology, a science of precise gestures at the service of their clients.

The GMT story

M for Masonry

They are masons by nature, eager to explore materials and dedicated to instilling a touch of magic in this vital manual trade that is often practiced in the shadows. Working as a team since 2012, Julien and Romain Gazzola took deliberate care in adopting mechanization techniques in their trade. Initiatives included using a hoist to lift materials and mechanizing handling operations. The goal? To rise to new challenges, together with master architects and decorators.

T for Tradition

At GMT, quality comes out daily in the field. As genuine stonemasons, the fourth generation of Gazzolas lay claim to technical savoir-faire inherited from their father and grandfather. At the head of a solid team of craftsmen who show respect for the tradition to which the company owes its reputation, the two cousins spare no effort to offer their clients tailor-made solutions for every transformation project.

GMT: Gazzola Maçonnerie Traditionnelle

Careful to spare neighbors the inconvenience of noise, attentive both to the cleanliness of worksites and the effectiveness of workers themselves, GMT prides itself on its discretion, a worthy heir to a tenacious and long-standing tradition. Its secret: meeting deadlines. Its mission: listen closely to clients. Its wish: to rise to any challenge and always meet expectations. All for love of the profession.

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GMT, Gazzola Traditional Masonry


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